Saturday, January 30, 2010

Impuissant to Cessation

During a friend's birthday last month ago we waited at Fully Booked. I came across a familiar book called "The Judas Strain", a novel by James Rollins. I knew the author and remembered the the book was a part of a series called the Sigma Force. So I was so interested to buy it and so far it has only six books, but their will be a seventh by June.

I asked my mom if I can have the books for christmas and of course she said yes. Went to National Bookstore at SM Sucat. Got the Fifth book (SUCKS). Anyway after that week we came to MOA for gifts and went to National again and we got the first book (YAY). Then we went to Power Books and got the remaining second, fourth and sixth book (ANOTHER YAY).

Started reading at January two the first, second and fourth, because I didn't have the third one. I finished the three books after two weeks. Then we had a project in Filipino and decided to do it at Fully Booked and I was able to buy the third book (YAYYY!) :D. Just finished it awhile ago then I started with the fifth book.

I just cannot stop reading it's so nice LOL! :)).
I'll just put the list:D :
1. Sandstorm
2. Map Of Bones
3. Black Order
4. Judas Strain
5. Last Oracle
6. Doomsday Key
7. Devil Colony (JUNE) :(

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meticulously Abased

Such a bad day seriously. Probably the whole week! I haven't passed any PT's, and all of them... near misses! Just a few points to just pass me. Just opened my blogger to let of some steam and the fact that multiply sucks shit now. Anyway this day is depressing.

Also the fact that I had forgot that I have a make-up quiz for math a while ago. So I could pull my grades up but now it is just weighing it down. Fuck errrr... This was the first time I failed at every test and nearly coming to the fact that we will be checking our grades for CLE tomorrow and if I ever failed. SO HELP ME GOD! I'm gonna be grounded! The fact that everytime I'm grounded I can't use any gadget except of course the phone and probably they'll even add not reading books connected to school.

Ironically I wrote at the most of the answer sheets with MC & HNY can you please pass me ending up dumped up. All I can do now is to pray. I'd really needs God help here. I hope he lets me pass. Whatever happens bad or good. It will pass but forn now... HELP ME! :|