Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Megalomania and Altercation

For the 3A who already know about the "hassle" thing, "sige nalang". Anyways I wouldn't even write that if the schedule of the "sabayan" would be right after a PT day, and especially if I knew it earlier that it was POSTPONED. Miss interpreted it to drastic that I don't want to go to practices, which I don't, but NEED.

But I didn't mind that even though "magparinig siya" and talks about the discussion on CLE we had which was the time BEFORE I wrote that thing. Anyways who would even want pressure under their PT and be forced to do "sabayan". Well I already accepted of being teased by "hassle" but sorry. Well issue is over and there I still don't want to do "sabayan" but NEED it!

I've been studying for PT since last week so I hope I pass but if you don't like me. "Magsulat din kayo sa diary niyo!" =))