Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cogitation Amidst Tenebrosity

I'm so conflicted right now because there is a part of me that says I'm excited for school and the other why bother go to a bullshit place like school. Anyways it's 2:28 AM according to the Windows XP desktop clock and I'm currently at the Hyatt hotel. Anyway my brother went to a friend's debut and we ate here as my dad brought some food, well you all know hotel food looks good but tastes bad and at the same time...very expensive.

It's kinda creepy in this big room right now because there is one wall that is just made up of mirrors and I feared that somebody might be staring back. Anyway I just made a blog so...nothing. I guess I can explore the hotel or stay in the room bored. Anyway I'll either sleep already or sleep or sleep, my choice not sleep. OK! TNX!

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