Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Labyrinthine Perspicacity

Some of the people who have been reading my blogs are somehow irritated with my titles because of it's "Deepness". So forth my summer has been a wasted one the only productive day I will be having this summer is covering my books for school, and for next school year I guess I'll just wait for next summer.

Anyway my older bro just cam back from Taiwan last week, because he works there before. Threw a boring party the only thing that is not boring there is that there is a lot of Tempura for our lunch. My mother first planned of a party to make us all drunk but she forgot that my brother might go directly to his GF's home and will not be able to attend the party but hey. He brought his 640 GB PC. I saw joey in Netopia in SM sucat yesterday. "Wala Lang!".

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