Friday, May 22, 2009

Denouement of Our Macrocosm

So I watched a documentary in "History Channel" that stated that we will not last in this world. It scared me but there is nothing we can do. I'll just place some short explanation of what I watched, and it was cool. :D

First the prediction of the Mayans which was done 2000 years ago which predicted a lot of things and of course the end of the world and surprisingly it was very accurate. Nostradamus predictions about the end of the world but in addition he said the dead will rise he also said of a hidden 13th zodiac sign which is very long for me to explain, and the secret Planet X,Nibiru, which will cross our solar system which will start Einstein's predictions. A man who "I forgot his name" which predicted major earthquakes which one pointed to a massive one. Albert Einstein's rift of darkness in the galaxy that caused everything to end the world and a object that will be near earth but it won't hit it, which is Planet X. A recent study by scientist that all of their predictions have evidences in it. The 13th Zodiac appears and starts the end of the world and it's name orpichius, before it appears the zodiac Saggitarius starts and ends in Dec 21. And finally almost all religions had warnings in them about the end of the world in their ancient calendar.

AND EVERYTHING POINTS TO ONE EXACT DATE! "December 21, 2012" So why do you think scientists are in such a hurry to find a planet which can sustain life? So we can move to it? It is said that this is the that caused Atlantis to sink and the flood a Noah's story. You may believe or not. But we all share the same fate. 2/3 of the world's life population not the human population will be destroyed. Anyways I found a flaw in this study, Nostradamus predicted a World War III if the prophecy of the end of the world is true; then we have little time to prepare oursleves for the war and of course the end. And another flaw which I found, God promised Noah that he won't repeat the dreadful thing he did but hey, he is God.

Anyways many are afraid to answer this question but "are you ready"? My answer is yes. If it's God's decision then we can't do anything can we? We must just wait for it to happen. Well if the day truly comes which I hope doesn't I just have to say goodluck and I wish we are all part of the 1/3 of the world population left on earth and if not I wish we are all in heaven. :D


Just a note "Do not mind the wrong grammar in this blog because I'm doing everything fast before I forget everthing i watched".

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