Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unclandestine Palaver

I know many of you won't read this. :D Just posted this so my multiply can post something from time to time. Anyway just don't mind my guestbook about a conversation on our piano recitals of which I cannot stop waiting of. By the way the pieces are all as predicted by my fellow pianists... It's all from Final Fantasy.

Well the pieces are "Clash On The Big Bridge" or "Battle With Gilgamesh" (of which i'm sick and tired of playing. And the other piece it will be probably "To Zanarkand" or "Eyes On Me" all pieces composed by Nobuo Uematsu and I don't need you to know anything about him and hey I just said this blog will just make my account running for some time.

I hadn't attended my piano lessons for 3 consecutive weeks and it's really getting boring at home! I have been staring at it for weeks playing all the same pieces. And also by the way my friend said that our teacher said that I was her favorite XD I'm probably good for my level or I may just be keeping her happy with all the lame jokes that came from time to time.

Irritated as you can be if you view my homepage of which you don't which all my song in the playlist are piano pieces and ofcourse most from Final Fantasy. Rotting here during summer nothing staring at our two new 42" LCD TVS!!! :)) Being proud enough :P Anyway it doesn't make me happy that much I just want to go out somewhere with my family and get on with the new SY.

Been hacking my fingers here on keyboard ending up with a long blog but hey never been better than MIKEE!! IMY!! :)). I'll stop now but hack my fingers on the piano instead and start practicing whatever my mother wants me to play. :D

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