Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thouroughfare of Compunction

The hell! There is nothing else to do at home but sitback and watch TV or sleep, but I prefer sleep. Just to make myself sane I plan to continue my Violin lessons with it by the side of my Piano lessons and planning a session of twice a week! I wouldn't mind if I wasn't the only person at home EVERY DAMN FUCKING DAY!!! I'd prefer if I was left at home with some money so I can go somewhere and anywhere even alone.

I also look like I'm neglected. ERRR!!! Can we do at least even a three day vacation so I won't become demented. I have a fucking routine going on for all the weeks to come and I started it with the vacation starting too! ROUTINE: Wake up at 12:00 - Eat my "Brunch" - Stare at the TV - Use the PC - Sleep at 4:00. The title is another word for my piano piece "Path of Repentance".

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