Friday, April 10, 2009

The Sacrosanct Bourgeois

Yesterday was Holy Thursday and no, we did not have any vacation but went to 14 churches. One station per church took us four hours to go around Manila and Intramuros we had our fasting but I didn't feel hungry neither do my brother the "Visitas Igelesias" took our mind of the food and we prayed :D (nagiging banal). It may sound boring but it was fun.

This next entry not really connected but it was done yesteday. My mother's love for spicy food was able to challenge the spicy peanuts which she wasn't able to finish. When we bought that we were just able to go to 5 churches. Anyway that's all, and Ate Bea if you happen to read this I'm not EMO!!! Fuck!

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