Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inscrutable Paraphernalia at my Domicile

Wow can't wait for next week with no plans at all and continuous boredom I can't wait to surely dry up any second now. Been having weird experiences for the fact that I'm always alone at home I can hear voices calling me and someone closing the door but I believe it's just the wind, but I can't explain why there is someone calling me and not to mention it was loud, in some instances I reply saying "yes". I even ask my helpers if they're calling me, but they so they don't. ERRRR!!!! ARRGHHH!! I'm irritated by the one calling me.

This is just stupid but I just can't explain it I'm actually getting used to it. For the first time it called I neglected it and thought things were running in my mind to make me act like this. Call me crazy but it's true, I AM CRAZY!!! By the way My usual waking time is now 1:00- 2:00 pm. :D I always sleep at 3:00am, by then I'm eating on my own some sandwich. Maybe I should get another sandwich.:P

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