Monday, April 6, 2009

Camisade, Razzia, and Passado

Went to Pia's house awhile ago to celebrate her sister's 20th birthday while my brother celebrated also his 20th last week on 3/28/09. Anyway awhile ago my brother realized that I was always bored at home when he is at school, which is true. My mother is always asleep while my father at work luckily it is "Holy Week" and they're all here. Now we are planning a failing vacation which I know it will but atleast we're all here and I'm no fucking bored. :D

Anyways I really wanted to start the upcoming Junior Year and start with all the fucked lessons, but at least friends are there to be with. Nothing to blog anymore and by the way don't mind the title for the first time it wasn't connected to my blog. :P

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