Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Peregrinating in Supplementary's Connoisseur

This blog connected to the photos which is gonna be uploaded. Left at something like 8 past went to Hsinchu, where my eldest brother lives, and stayed at carlton. FUCKING COLD!!

Laughed at my mom because she thought it was summer which by that time was really summer but still fucking cold.. Roamed around ate bought my mother a coat and waited for my eldest brother to come. He came in the morning with his eggnog head and a goatee... He showed us where we buy cheap but decent and new released computers ate at a Teppanyaki restaurant..

Anyway chekwa PEACE pronounce McDonald's as metanglao and KFC which they can't pronounce as Ketucky derived from the acronym.. Saw nice cars such as BMW but all covered in dust they don't clean their cars!!! Anyway bought a 42 inch TV before leaving set it for delivery to my house which will arrive 2 weeks from now. It was in a Philippine store importing ;brands straight from the philippines such as Jack n' Jill :D ate at a store which served Filipino foods.

After that we left for Tainan where my mother works it was pretty boring because it was like a province but anyway we rode about 6 Taxis for three days three hotel cars which was Mercedes-Benz, Camry and I forgot the other one. My brother and went home alone leaving our mother because she still has work to do while my brother has his exams on wednesday. Got home and slept.. Now studying for my PT!! which is thurs to saturday idk why they have to place the date on saturday. STUDY NOW!!!

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