Friday, March 13, 2009

Nugatory Chronicle

Urban Dictionary is getting some audiences anyway got the idea from Bobbi Miranda, Patrick Du and Chila Zialcita.
1)Martin: A guy who acts shy but actually has a big penis, An average asian, white,or other descents seen a God, he has the power to make any women cream at anytime and can make a lady squirt.
2)Cole: he onomatopoeic sound effect of bouncing boobs. The most amazing guy ever. Easily could be the love of your life. Everyone falls for him but no one else can have him. Also very handsome. Just absolutely stunning in every way possible.
3)Bestfriend=Joey: The hottest sexiest thing alive. I wanna lick his face off. (hot ka pala joey!!) :))
That's all :)) just wanted to try it. :D

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