Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blasédly Prognosticating

Our practice for the english play will be held later, for actors in Bonifacio Heights and for props in Joey's house which is only two blocks away. I will be going there later she told me to wait until the others came. Well here staring at the screen typing waiting for someone to come there.
Anyway remembered something which Joey told me not to blog about but it's very petty so nothing to be angry about:
Ms. Alli: blah blah.. the shogunate empire came..
Aranda and Marie (talking to each other): Ano daw assasinate empire?
I stared at them blankly and joey the asked me.
Joey: Ano daw CHOCOLATE empire?
Me: Ano? ( d kc nakinig kay miss)
Joey: ung sbi ni miss ung nasa cartolina..
Me: ahh.. ano ka ba shogunate empire. (laughed at her)
Joey: arghhh.. tingnan mo nga cna marie at aranda may assasinate din clang natutunan.
Me: okay lng un, sayo "chocolate"!!
Joey: arghh..

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