Saturday, February 28, 2009

Annotation of My Sobriquet

Somebody brought a book named "Name Your Baby" by idk and I also don't know who brought it. Basti read it and I asked what's that, he said it was the definition of names. Got curious and read it anyway just read my name. Martin for "war-like, taken from mars God of War (faved game) :| lame" Cole "Composer, someones first name I forgot but he's last name is Cole." Anyway I really wanted to be a composer, but being war-like is something I'm not. :D
I teased Joey last Friday when it was raining during lunch time. "THE JOKE":
Me: Joey alam mo palagi kita naalala kapag umulan.
Joey: (masamang tingin) Bakit naman?
Me: Kasi amoy lupa eh..
Joey: (choked me and "kurot" me) :))
(During Class)
Me: Joey pahiram...(it was her hand sanitizer which smelled good)
I used it and said :
Me: Mabuti naman ay sanitizer ka para mawala ung amoy ng lupa!! =))

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