Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Megalomania and Altercation

For the 3A who already know about the "hassle" thing, "sige nalang". Anyways I wouldn't even write that if the schedule of the "sabayan" would be right after a PT day, and especially if I knew it earlier that it was POSTPONED. Miss interpreted it to drastic that I don't want to go to practices, which I don't, but NEED.

But I didn't mind that even though "magparinig siya" and talks about the discussion on CLE we had which was the time BEFORE I wrote that thing. Anyways who would even want pressure under their PT and be forced to do "sabayan". Well I already accepted of being teased by "hassle" but sorry. Well issue is over and there I still don't want to do "sabayan" but NEED it!

I've been studying for PT since last week so I hope I pass but if you don't like me. "Magsulat din kayo sa diary niyo!" =))

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cogitation Amidst Tenebrosity

I'm so conflicted right now because there is a part of me that says I'm excited for school and the other why bother go to a bullshit place like school. Anyways it's 2:28 AM according to the Windows XP desktop clock and I'm currently at the Hyatt hotel. Anyway my brother went to a friend's debut and we ate here as my dad brought some food, well you all know hotel food looks good but tastes bad and at the same time...very expensive.

It's kinda creepy in this big room right now because there is one wall that is just made up of mirrors and I feared that somebody might be staring back. Anyway I just made a blog so...nothing. I guess I can explore the hotel or stay in the room bored. Anyway I'll either sleep already or sleep or sleep, my choice not sleep. OK! TNX!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gratuitous Vertigo from My Consummation

We had our General Rehearsal for my piano recital yesterday morning. we have to get there by nine so me and my brother commuted by 7:30 and we woke up at about 6:00. I was so sleepy that i had a hard time turning the doorknob. Anyway took the jeep and LRT and reached the Philam Life Auditorioum. I told my bro to just drop me off there and I told him to eat, he left in about 30 mins.

I got there at about 8:30 and it started at about 9:15 because most of the students were late. Started with the blocking and I got irritated with the part that we bow, I told my teacher, "Ano ba to? Granada ba tayo? Ang gulo!". After that we were finished with the blocking and moved on to the performance. I woke up at 6:00 considering I slept at 4:00 and I'm the 44th and last player you just can't stop yourself of becoming bored. Tried to sleep but can't because it was way to cold in the backstage that I had to pee 5 times in row.

My hands were so cold and sweaty that when I played my piece it was full of mistakes, luckily no one noticed except for my brother. Then after that we're done. Rode LRT again and Baclaran was flooded after that so were my socks and shoes and so as my pants, it was disgusting considering it was full of garbage, spits, shit, and pee but anyway if I'm going to college I'll experience this more often. Reached home, took a bath and went directly to bed then woke up and ate then...NOTHING!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Denouement of Our Macrocosm

So I watched a documentary in "History Channel" that stated that we will not last in this world. It scared me but there is nothing we can do. I'll just place some short explanation of what I watched, and it was cool. :D

First the prediction of the Mayans which was done 2000 years ago which predicted a lot of things and of course the end of the world and surprisingly it was very accurate. Nostradamus predictions about the end of the world but in addition he said the dead will rise he also said of a hidden 13th zodiac sign which is very long for me to explain, and the secret Planet X,Nibiru, which will cross our solar system which will start Einstein's predictions. A man who "I forgot his name" which predicted major earthquakes which one pointed to a massive one. Albert Einstein's rift of darkness in the galaxy that caused everything to end the world and a object that will be near earth but it won't hit it, which is Planet X. A recent study by scientist that all of their predictions have evidences in it. The 13th Zodiac appears and starts the end of the world and it's name orpichius, before it appears the zodiac Saggitarius starts and ends in Dec 21. And finally almost all religions had warnings in them about the end of the world in their ancient calendar.

AND EVERYTHING POINTS TO ONE EXACT DATE! "December 21, 2012" So why do you think scientists are in such a hurry to find a planet which can sustain life? So we can move to it? It is said that this is the that caused Atlantis to sink and the flood a Noah's story. You may believe or not. But we all share the same fate. 2/3 of the world's life population not the human population will be destroyed. Anyways I found a flaw in this study, Nostradamus predicted a World War III if the prophecy of the end of the world is true; then we have little time to prepare oursleves for the war and of course the end. And another flaw which I found, God promised Noah that he won't repeat the dreadful thing he did but hey, he is God.

Anyways many are afraid to answer this question but "are you ready"? My answer is yes. If it's God's decision then we can't do anything can we? We must just wait for it to happen. Well if the day truly comes which I hope doesn't I just have to say goodluck and I wish we are all part of the 1/3 of the world population left on earth and if not I wish we are all in heaven. :D


Just a note "Do not mind the wrong grammar in this blog because I'm doing everything fast before I forget everthing i watched".

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marauding the Calignous Crepuscule

It's 2:16 AM according to the Windows XP clock on my very old laptop that I'm using right now. I just can't seem to sleep and the hell, I am enjoying "Pet Society" on Facebook. I just finished anyway Trauma Center: Under The Knife 2 and if anyone does' not know that, it is a game where you play as the doctor and operate, and it's very fun and realistic.

Anyways my fat bro, Chino, is already asleep and my drinking bro, Mauie, is upstairs enjoying billiards and beer upstairs. Well I'm here staring blankly at an old laptop and only faced by an electric fan in the kitchen eating some nachos. Anyways goodnight, or good morning.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Labyrinthine Perspicacity

Some of the people who have been reading my blogs are somehow irritated with my titles because of it's "Deepness". So forth my summer has been a wasted one the only productive day I will be having this summer is covering my books for school, and for next school year I guess I'll just wait for next summer.

Anyway my older bro just cam back from Taiwan last week, because he works there before. Threw a boring party the only thing that is not boring there is that there is a lot of Tempura for our lunch. My mother first planned of a party to make us all drunk but she forgot that my brother might go directly to his GF's home and will not be able to attend the party but hey. He brought his 640 GB PC. I saw joey in Netopia in SM sucat yesterday. "Wala Lang!".

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dereavement, a Euphoria

I'm totally unstable now that I want to get a chainsaw and cut everybody up I see. I've reached my peak of my anger and this problem has no connection of being bored at home but something else. If I was given a wish I would've for at least someone to listen to me at this very moment. I'm totally distraught right now and can't wait if I was chance to just rip someones head off!

Everyone here puts everyone to judgement and nobody cares what you say and HEY! I think I've been talking to God which of course listens but can't reply at the same time. I maybe apathetic and lethargic but It's at least one of my needs is to talk to somebody. It is really getting bothersome I tried to neglect the problem but the more I do the more i get piqued.

I wish there is one person who can understand me for who I am not to force someone to be someone else and bring up a problem to the he/she is changing and somehow add a pleasure for who they are. FUCK OFF!! If you don't want for who I am and adding more problems you better shut up and understand why I'm like this.

As they: "The more, the merrier." Is a big fucking lie that's why I prefer my birthdays alone with no one to talk to you may I say I have had a happy life and should've known that sometimes mistaked happen but you don't what's happening to me now! It's like every thing I do seems a mistake.

I try not to vent my anger but calm down and reflect but it doesn't help me bit reflecting on it makes me angered of why I'm making myself remember all the things that are wrong. They could've brong up the good stuff isolation may be not a good cure for what's happening right now. That's why a good escape route for me now would be dereavement but it's always the same.

This blog may be pathetically long but I'm sure I could let of some steam for awhile it may help but it's making me more angry but just as I said everything I do is all wrong. If I could only play God for one day or atleast remove the people of apathy from the world it would've been great, considering I'm apathetic I'm still aproachable so I better lay off now cool of and punch my brother like I usually do although he is heavy, well at least this bring me a smile. :|

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Damocles Here and Ascelpius Gone

This blog is like the one I did just to make it post something. It's not running for awhile because I had just made my Facebook account, and it was fun. And now my Multiply account is left neglected. Anyway if I'm to measure the speed of time for the whole summer, spending five hours feels like one hour.

Once I start using the PC by the morning I stop using the pc by the morning too. Anyways my piano recital is oncoming by May 31, so I must start practicing my piano piece which again is "Clash on the Big Bridge" or "Battle with Gilgamesh". Okay now, Damocles for I'm under siege right now and Ascelpius Gone because there is no cure for being lonely right now. So bored at home!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Inscrutable Paraphernalia at my Domicile

Wow can't wait for next week with no plans at all and continuous boredom I can't wait to surely dry up any second now. Been having weird experiences for the fact that I'm always alone at home I can hear voices calling me and someone closing the door but I believe it's just the wind, but I can't explain why there is someone calling me and not to mention it was loud, in some instances I reply saying "yes". I even ask my helpers if they're calling me, but they so they don't. ERRRR!!!! ARRGHHH!! I'm irritated by the one calling me.

This is just stupid but I just can't explain it I'm actually getting used to it. For the first time it called I neglected it and thought things were running in my mind to make me act like this. Call me crazy but it's true, I AM CRAZY!!! By the way My usual waking time is now 1:00- 2:00 pm. :D I always sleep at 3:00am, by then I'm eating on my own some sandwich. Maybe I should get another sandwich.:P

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lunacy, Acumen's Cataclysm

Maybe some of you know me as a "Leave me Alone!" type of person and 40% of that is true and I'll truly appreciate if that happens but I just can't stand it it's nearly 2 weeks of me being alone at home and drying my eyes at the bright monitor. There are times that I, with no initiative, stop and stare blankly and the screen sometimes looking at the TV while it is OFF!!!

I'm truly near at the end of losing my sanity I sometimes stare at the screen while missing up a meal or two, some may think it's just a meal but shit the internet is like drugs looking at the screen makes me lose appetite and I don't want to lose weight. Got bored and downloaded a Nintendo DS emulator and enjoying: Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, Dementium the Ward, Nanashi no Game, and COOKING MAMA 2! Well at least I ate plenty today because we got KFC delivered some chickens. If you know a good horror game for NDS please tell me. :D

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thouroughfare of Compunction

The hell! There is nothing else to do at home but sitback and watch TV or sleep, but I prefer sleep. Just to make myself sane I plan to continue my Violin lessons with it by the side of my Piano lessons and planning a session of twice a week! I wouldn't mind if I wasn't the only person at home EVERY DAMN FUCKING DAY!!! I'd prefer if I was left at home with some money so I can go somewhere and anywhere even alone.

I also look like I'm neglected. ERRR!!! Can we do at least even a three day vacation so I won't become demented. I have a fucking routine going on for all the weeks to come and I started it with the vacation starting too! ROUTINE: Wake up at 12:00 - Eat my "Brunch" - Stare at the TV - Use the PC - Sleep at 4:00. The title is another word for my piano piece "Path of Repentance".

Friday, April 10, 2009

The Sacrosanct Bourgeois

Yesterday was Holy Thursday and no, we did not have any vacation but went to 14 churches. One station per church took us four hours to go around Manila and Intramuros we had our fasting but I didn't feel hungry neither do my brother the "Visitas Igelesias" took our mind of the food and we prayed :D (nagiging banal). It may sound boring but it was fun.

This next entry not really connected but it was done yesteday. My mother's love for spicy food was able to challenge the spicy peanuts which she wasn't able to finish. When we bought that we were just able to go to 5 churches. Anyway that's all, and Ate Bea if you happen to read this I'm not EMO!!! Fuck!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Camisade, Razzia, and Passado

Went to Pia's house awhile ago to celebrate her sister's 20th birthday while my brother celebrated also his 20th last week on 3/28/09. Anyway awhile ago my brother realized that I was always bored at home when he is at school, which is true. My mother is always asleep while my father at work luckily it is "Holy Week" and they're all here. Now we are planning a failing vacation which I know it will but atleast we're all here and I'm no fucking bored. :D

Anyways I really wanted to start the upcoming Junior Year and start with all the fucked lessons, but at least friends are there to be with. Nothing to blog anymore and by the way don't mind the title for the first time it wasn't connected to my blog. :P

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unclandestine Palaver

I know many of you won't read this. :D Just posted this so my multiply can post something from time to time. Anyway just don't mind my guestbook about a conversation on our piano recitals of which I cannot stop waiting of. By the way the pieces are all as predicted by my fellow pianists... It's all from Final Fantasy.

Well the pieces are "Clash On The Big Bridge" or "Battle With Gilgamesh" (of which i'm sick and tired of playing. And the other piece it will be probably "To Zanarkand" or "Eyes On Me" all pieces composed by Nobuo Uematsu and I don't need you to know anything about him and hey I just said this blog will just make my account running for some time.

I hadn't attended my piano lessons for 3 consecutive weeks and it's really getting boring at home! I have been staring at it for weeks playing all the same pieces. And also by the way my friend said that our teacher said that I was her favorite XD I'm probably good for my level or I may just be keeping her happy with all the lame jokes that came from time to time.

Irritated as you can be if you view my homepage of which you don't which all my song in the playlist are piano pieces and ofcourse most from Final Fantasy. Rotting here during summer nothing staring at our two new 42" LCD TVS!!! :)) Being proud enough :P Anyway it doesn't make me happy that much I just want to go out somewhere with my family and get on with the new SY.

Been hacking my fingers here on keyboard ending up with a long blog but hey never been better than MIKEE!! IMY!! :)). I'll stop now but hack my fingers on the piano instead and start practicing whatever my mother wants me to play. :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Peregrinating in Supplementary's Connoisseur

This blog connected to the photos which is gonna be uploaded. Left at something like 8 past went to Hsinchu, where my eldest brother lives, and stayed at carlton. FUCKING COLD!!

Laughed at my mom because she thought it was summer which by that time was really summer but still fucking cold.. Roamed around ate bought my mother a coat and waited for my eldest brother to come. He came in the morning with his eggnog head and a goatee... He showed us where we buy cheap but decent and new released computers ate at a Teppanyaki restaurant..

Anyway chekwa PEACE pronounce McDonald's as metanglao and KFC which they can't pronounce as Ketucky derived from the acronym.. Saw nice cars such as BMW but all covered in dust they don't clean their cars!!! Anyway bought a 42 inch TV before leaving set it for delivery to my house which will arrive 2 weeks from now. It was in a Philippine store importing ;brands straight from the philippines such as Jack n' Jill :D ate at a store which served Filipino foods.

After that we left for Tainan where my mother works it was pretty boring because it was like a province but anyway we rode about 6 Taxis for three days three hotel cars which was Mercedes-Benz, Camry and I forgot the other one. My brother and went home alone leaving our mother because she still has work to do while my brother has his exams on wednesday. Got home and slept.. Now studying for my PT!! which is thurs to saturday idk why they have to place the date on saturday. STUDY NOW!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nugatory Chronicle

Urban Dictionary is getting some audiences anyway got the idea from Bobbi Miranda, Patrick Du and Chila Zialcita.
1)Martin: A guy who acts shy but actually has a big penis, An average asian, white,or other descents seen a God, he has the power to make any women cream at anytime and can make a lady squirt.
2)Cole: he onomatopoeic sound effect of bouncing boobs. The most amazing guy ever. Easily could be the love of your life. Everyone falls for him but no one else can have him. Also very handsome. Just absolutely stunning in every way possible.
3)Bestfriend=Joey: The hottest sexiest thing alive. I wanna lick his face off. (hot ka pala joey!!) :))
That's all :)) just wanted to try it. :D

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blasédly Prognosticating

Our practice for the english play will be held later, for actors in Bonifacio Heights and for props in Joey's house which is only two blocks away. I will be going there later she told me to wait until the others came. Well here staring at the screen typing waiting for someone to come there.
Anyway remembered something which Joey told me not to blog about but it's very petty so nothing to be angry about:
Ms. Alli: blah blah.. the shogunate empire came..
Aranda and Marie (talking to each other): Ano daw assasinate empire?
I stared at them blankly and joey the asked me.
Joey: Ano daw CHOCOLATE empire?
Me: Ano? ( d kc nakinig kay miss)
Joey: ung sbi ni miss ung nasa cartolina..
Me: ahh.. ano ka ba shogunate empire. (laughed at her)
Joey: arghhh.. tingnan mo nga cna marie at aranda may assasinate din clang natutunan.
Me: okay lng un, sayo "chocolate"!!
Joey: arghh..

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Resumption of the Corresponder

Anyway I've been a member of blogger for only two years, but deleted my first account which was full of about Final Fantasy. Well for now there is nothing to see here :D

Annotation of My Sobriquet

Somebody brought a book named "Name Your Baby" by idk and I also don't know who brought it. Basti read it and I asked what's that, he said it was the definition of names. Got curious and read it anyway just read my name. Martin for "war-like, taken from mars God of War (faved game) :| lame" Cole "Composer, someones first name I forgot but he's last name is Cole." Anyway I really wanted to be a composer, but being war-like is something I'm not. :D
I teased Joey last Friday when it was raining during lunch time. "THE JOKE":
Me: Joey alam mo palagi kita naalala kapag umulan.
Joey: (masamang tingin) Bakit naman?
Me: Kasi amoy lupa eh..
Joey: (choked me and "kurot" me) :))
(During Class)
Me: Joey pahiram...(it was her hand sanitizer which smelled good)
I used it and said :
Me: Mabuti naman ay sanitizer ka para mawala ung amoy ng lupa!! =))

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pedagogue's Partutrition Reiteration

Ms. Bioc's birthday was yesterday but she was absent so we celebrated her birthday today. Saw her this morning and sang to her a happy birthday. After lunch we stayed in the field ans surprised her for her birthday but it seems she has no reaction. :)) Anyway happy birthday. We had GK orientation the poem Lost Generation was beautiful.!! We also had our NSAT mock test today Kozy is the only person I know in the classroom. :D Wala na..!!